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CFDb Movie Review Criteria

CFDb Movie Review Criteria

$25.00 cfdb movie review charge

CFDb charges $25.00 to review Christian films, not scripts.  Script Critiquing or Movie Critiquing are different services we provide.

As a result of serious prayer and reflection, CFDb is no longer offering to review all Christian movies for the following reasons:

  • As we continue to grow, our time is very limited.
  • We’ve made exceptions in the past to review family friendly films which is not a part of our ministry.
  • We’ve made exceptions to watch films that had questionable content in it or were uncomfortable agreeing to watch.
  • Watching films that did not bring glory to God, left us with a conviction that not all films should be watched by us.



CFDb Movie Ministry

Part of our ministry here at CFDb is to work together with others to glorify God in Christian film.  It is also our true goal to raise the bar for Christian film.  We’ve even written an e-book about this topic.


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CFDb Movie Review Criteria

Make sure your film fits our criteria before sending us your film to review.  If your film doesn’t fit the criteria, I would encourage you to pray and seek God to find out how your film can glorify Him while not fitting the following criteria:

  1. Foul Language – Although hell and damn are acceptable in a Christian film, taking the Lord’s name in vain is NEVER acceptable as this is directly against the 3rd commandment found in Exodus 20:7.  It would be good to review the 10 commandments again as a guideline of how to glorify God in Christian film.  Foul Language has become a source of controversy for some filmmakers and reviewers but I have to ask the one relevant question, “Would Jesus approve of foul language?”
  2. Sensual Content – There are some films, professing to be Christian, even having a Christian message within, that contains a LOT of sensual content.  If your film leads men or women to sin in their thoughts, that is against God’s Word and leads to divorce which God hates.  Christian movies should stay 100% clear of this.  A Christian movie should not leave you feeling guilty or violated after watching it.
  3. Inappropriate Comedy – A lot of comedies have so much silliness that it really takes away from the true message of the film.  Our words are powerful.  Matthew 12:36, 37 – But I say to you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Does the film have a strong Christian message without making light of the truth of God’s Word?

If CFDb is uncomfortable with reviewing any film, we will explain our reasons why we are not going to review the film.

Although we may not review your film, that does not mean your film won’t be added to the database.  Check out our Guidelines on what films CFDb will add.  If your film shows a need for God, it will most likely be added to CFDb, although if it’s a short film, there are more strict guidelines.


Christian Film

If your film fits the above criteria, CFDb will review your Christian Film for $25.00.  We are here to help you promote your Christian Film.

If you would like CFDb to review your film, Contact us.

You may send your Christian film, along with a check/money order made out and addressed to:

Bryce Wisekal
Attn: CFDb
PO BOX 2723
Dawson Creek, BC, V1G5A1, Canada.

When mailing us, be sure to include the “Attn: Bryce Wisekal” on your package label for delivery.

Please also note that payments are preferred through PayPal, but also accepting of checks or money order.

To pay by check or money order, please use the contact form. For PayPal payments, click here.


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  1. Akinfe says
    15 June 17, 6:36pm

    I want to ask,did you accept film from African christian filmmaker?

  2. Desiree says
    11 July 17, 3:19pm

    Hello Akinfe,
    Absolutely, yes. We list all films with a christian message no matter who makes it! 🙂


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