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CFDb Bio/Profile Pages are Finally Here ~ Showcase Your Work Here

Personal Profile

CFDb Bio/Profile Pages are Finally Here ~
Showcase Your Work Here


Stand out

Add your profile to the CFDb Profile Page by submitting your information here.  You can also go to any page on the database and in the header bar you’ll find PROFILE PAGES.  Once you hover over the tab you choose the option to Submit a Profile.

Whenever you need to update a page, just e-mail us with the updates.

Adding your profile to the CFDb Profile Page will help with SEO (getting your name higher on Google ranking) and we have plans to make agreements with casting agencies and filmmakers so they will be made aware they can search through the profile pages to find people in the film industry quickly and easily.

CFDb is making the profile pages free because our goal is to help fellow Christians in glorifying God together in Christian Film.


Fish going against the flow

Walk the Narrow Path

Matthew 7:14 – Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Let’s never forget the One we serve.  The purpose for everything we do is to glorify God and bring others to a saving relationship with Jesus.  Let’s work together to win souls for Jesus and encourage other fellow believers through Christian film.

CFDb is also offering additional paid services for extra gallery photos such as pictured here in Jenn Gotzon’s Profile Page.  The Photo Gallery is pictured below the FILMOGRAPHY section.  This is just a partial gallery shown below:

Jenn Gotzon's Gallery


 (Featured photo + 4 additional photos are included in the free option)
(These prices are to add the pictures permanently.  You may switch out the additional photos as well for no additional charge.)

$ 5.00 for  5 additional photos

$ 9.00 for 10 additional photos

$13.00 for 15 additional photos

$17.00 for 20 additional photos

$21.00 for 25 additional photos

$25.00 for 30 additional photos

$30.00 for 40 additional photos

$35.00 for 50 additional photos

There is also an option to showcase a banner on your profile page as pictured here for $20.00:
A banner can be made for $5.00 at

Jenn Gotzon's Banner

We do accept Paypal and Check/Money Order.

CONTACT US for more details or Call us at (719) 687-4394.

Let your light shine

Let Your Let Shine for Jesus

Matthew 5:16 – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

Are you looking for a Christian Talent Agency?  Try AMTC – Actors, Models & Talents for Christ.  Founded in 1982, Actors Models and Talent for Christ is a ministry, a mission and a movement that provides aspiring performers with professional direction, industry introductions, and spiritual preparation so they can shine for Christ in the entertainment industry.

TAKE advantage of the many FREE services that CFDb has for you…Make a Profile Page for yourself today.  If you need to update a page, just e-mail us.

Casting DirectorsCasting Directors

Most of the profiles will have a link to a resume or website so casting directors can contact an actor/actress directly.  There will also be many profiles which do not have any contact information listed.  For those you may contact CFDb for their contact information.  (719) 687-4394   Contact CFDb.


Christian Filmmaking

The Profile Pages are for EVERYONE in the CHRISTIAN FILMMAKING industry.  Our goal is to have a place to go to find anyone you need to move forward with your Christian Film, so make your own profile page and tell your friends as well!

There are also many other resources for everyone in the Christian Film Industry.  You can find those resources on our Helpful Sites Page.


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