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CFDb Guidelines: What films get posted to CFDb

CFDb Guidelines

The first question that might be asked is the age old question.  What is a Christian film?  You can literally ask everyone in the world that question and you would probably receive a different answer from each one. We know because we’ve asked so many people this question before.

This makes it extremely difficult to know what films to add to CFDb.  We’ve come up with some guidelines that we want to share with you so you can know, as a filmmaker, if we will add your film to the database.  We also want to inform you, the consumer, as to what films to expect on the database.

CFDb Guidelines

In order to add your film to CFDb, it must meet one of the following Criteria:

  • The film must show a need for God in some way.
  • The film is based on a Bible story, therefore Christians will be searching for it on the database.
  • The film is based on a Christian book.  Sometimes the Christianity is taken out of the movie.  We will make a note of that in the comments.
  • The film must be longer than 29 minutes and if it is a short film, it must be available for purchase somewhere, such as a website, or FB.  We will not be accepting any church related documentaries as our focus is more on movies.
  • The film is a call to action film where the church should be involved, not necessarily Christian in content, but factual.

Some things to consider

  • There are some rare exceptions to the above rules.
  • We list Christian films, no matter who makes them.  If the film itself fits the criteria, we will list them.
  • Just because a filmmaker or an actor/actress may be Christian, that does not mean the film itself will be listed on the database.  It still has to fit at least one of the above criteria.
  • We will place Parental Warnings in the comments on the film page if it’s needed, as well as state if a film is not really a Christian film.
  • We highly discourage the use of foul language in any Christian films.  There are films on the database with foul language in them, and a parental warning would be mentioned in the comments.
  • CFDb will not do any official blog reviews on films with foul language in them.
  • The film must adhere to basic Biblical Christian Principles.

ADD a Christian Film to CFDb

If you would like to have your Christian film added to CFDb, just click on the link above to add a film or update a film that is already on the database.

Who Can Add a Film to CFDb

You do NOT have to be a filmmaker to add a film.  If you are a consumer and see a film missing that you think should be there, just fill out the basic details on the film, such as title and possibly the description and we’ll do the rest of the information.  We want the database to be as complete as possible.

ADD a Christian Film to CFDb

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