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‘One Hit From Home’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘One Hit From Home’ ~
CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation

One Hit From Home

After suffering a career ending knee injury, pro-baseball superstar Jimmy Easton returns to a place he has not been in a very long time…home. Here, Jimmy confronts dark memories from a tragic past as he tries to make peace with a life he once left behind. Things take an unexpected turn when he is forced back into the world of baseball as the coach of an underachieving college team. Coach Jimmy’s rocky relationship with Brandon Elliot, the team’s only star, forces both of them to deal with their similarly troubled pasts.

One Hit From Home is an inspirational family film that explores the unpredictability of life, reminding us that through our greatest struggles only faith can bring us home.

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This was a definite “thumbs up”, especially in regards to Christianity!  What a fabulous Christian message.  From the very beginning they remind us that life throws curve balls at us all!  I especially loved the idea that we should not let our failures define who we are.  We ALL make mistakes!  Towards the end it really brings out how God truly understands our sufferings.  It was a powerful scene.

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  1. Annelie says
    07 May 12, 2:32pm

    Congratulations to Manu, our winner!

  2. Manu says
    08 May 12, 11:10am

    Thanks Annelie

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