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‘Jerusalem Countdown’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Jerusalem Countdown’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Jerusalem Countdown

With the Middle East in turmoil, Israelʼs preeminent Ally is thrust into an impending war, America is now the target as the battle for Jerusalem begins.

Based on the Best Selling Book by Dr. James Hagee, JERUSALEM COUNTDOWN highlights the reality of an inevitable conflict between Israel and Islam. When nuclear weapons are smuggled into America, Senior FBI Agent, Shane Daughtry (David A.R White) is faced with an impossible task, find them before they are detonated.

The clock is ticking and the only people who can help are a washed up arms dealer (Lee Majors), a converted Israeli Mossad Agent (Stacy Keech) and a by- the-book CIA Deputy Director played by Randy Travis. Nuclear holocaust on American soil threatens global stability and the impending destruction of the world is coming to fruition, in this film of international terror and suspense.

The prelude to Armageddon has begun.

Sneak Preview


So…we watched this film and LOVED it!  If you like secular films, this one compares by having moments where I was really at the edge of my seat.  Suspense is not something I find often in Christian films.  Although I love Christian films the most, there was a time in my past when I watched a LOT of secular films and they were suspenseful.  This is a film that is very well done!  I especially liked the two characters pictured above, played by Carey Scott &  Jaci Velasquez & the main bad character played by Marco Khan – great choice!

What this film left me with mostly is a desire to see a sequel…


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  1. Brandon says
    22 April 12, 10:56pm

    Soooo looking forward to seeing this film, whether I win it, or buy it, I will see it

  2. 23 April 12, 2:12pm

    I have been wanting to see this one for a long, long time!!

  3. Nissa says
    28 April 12, 11:32pm

    Never seen or heard about this movie before, but you’ve got me interested!

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