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‘Pawn’s Move’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Pawn’s Move’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


A story about an awkward young man who inherits his late mentor’s pawn shop and $4 million from a recent collectible. Escaping the clingy money-hungry girlfriend and the devastating death of his mentor, he moves within divine providence and “escapes” to a small town under a new name. There he falls for a girl who “just happens” to arrive on the same day, but their secret pasts and his continual inept abilities with women keep them apart.

He shows kindness to the girl but brings upheaval to the town when his clandestine history is revealed a hole well dug. Recalling the wise words of his mentor that “nothing takes place by chance” and “you have to move through the failure to find the blessing” he reaches for that which he thought he’d never have, the love of a woman.

Original music by John William Doryk

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RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2012

CFDb Review

So, what about “Pawn’s Move”?  The two main characters really grow on you.  It was a delightful film.  We really enjoyed this film.  There was one quote the girl makes in the film that is “OUTSTANDING!”  I don’t want to give away any spoilers here!  The quote makes the film for me.  It makes you take a look at your own life and circumstances that happen and truly see God at work in your own life.

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  1. ryan says
    15 May 12, 7:41am

    It looks like a really good movie. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Darlene Arnold says
    15 May 12, 10:59am

    I have not seen the film. Looks like it would be pretty good. I am looking forwards to seeing it if I win.

  3. Lydia says
    17 May 12, 11:07am

    Was in this movie, but my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. 🙂 My cousin (Rich) is the sheriff. Was able to attend the Kansas City premiere. Very good family entertainment. Would love having a copy so my grandchildren can watch it with me. You did a great job, guys. I look for more good ones from you.

  4. Heather says
    17 May 12, 11:49am

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Annelie says
    17 May 12, 1:56pm

    I know what that is like – I was once in a movie as well and in a bunch of scenes but it ended up I had a 1/2 second shot where you could barely tell it was me, unless you paused it at the exact spot.


  6. Tom says
    20 May 12, 5:01am

    Been waiting for this to come out on dvd. Looks great!

  7. 21 May 12, 11:01am

    This one looks great!!

  8. Pamela says
    21 May 12, 11:17am

    Looking forward to seeing this movie – I wonder if Redbox will carry it…

  9. Annelie says
    21 May 12, 11:33am

    Good question about the Redbox, that may take some time before it might end up there. That would be great if it did.


  10. Anita says
    21 May 12, 12:02pm

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie

  11. Annelie says
    22 May 12, 8:48am

    CONGRATULATIONS TO – Heather and Matt – our winners!


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