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CFDb Review of “The Grim Reaper” & “The Second Coming”


The Grim Reaper is a film mixed with family tragedy and the unfailing grace of God to redeem men. It is the tale of two sons. Also, the story of parents; a Christian mother and a lost father.

One of the boys and his dad are engrossed in the things of his world. The other son and his mom are enjoying Christ and the hope of eternal life. The wayward son is killed and his father begins a strange, winding quest for peace and hope. Traveling as far as the occult and materialism, he finally finds his way to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

This film is a moving portrait of modern family problems. An excellent home soul winning tool.


This motion picture touches on the truth of Christ’s return to this earth in both aspects of the Second Advent. From the rapture to His return in power and glory with His saints.

A young man interested only in the world and its seeming satisfaction is the underlying story line of this film. He dreams of missing the rapture and the truth thunders into his soul that his mother and his pastor were right all along. The tragedy of being left behind in his mind brings him to church and a positive response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many great scenes of biblical promise are depicted in this motion picture. Saints coming from the graves and others taken from the field in a moment, the twinkling of en eye! Even Christ returning in the clouds, on a white horse, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords is gloriously and grandly visualized.

The Grim Reaper

This film is VERY evangelistic!  This is also a very old film and you can tell that as soon as you start watching it!  Tim Green has a message at the beginning of the film giving a short synopsis, as well as an idea of how powerful this film has been since it was released in 1978.

This is an IN YOUR FACE Christian message for sure.  There is a LOT of prayer and Scripture which I happen to absolutely love!  This is what they used to call a “Turn of Burn” type of message.  This appeals to a lot of people and does bring many people to Jesus.  It’s a film that leads you to stop and take a look at your life before it’s too late.  This film also shows very dramatically how our actions affect other people.

There is a definite message that there will be NO second chances.  Several Bible stories are brought out and acted out during this film as well.

The film itself is a bit shaky…literally because of the camera, but a really STRONG evangelistic message.

CFDb Review

The Second Coming

This second film is a docu-drama with a lot of Scripture throughout the entire film.  This gives you glimpses of possible end time scenarios mixed in with Scripture and Bible stories acted out.  If you love hearing about end time events, this is a film you’ll want to see.  I am not a big fan of teaching films, just ask my husband.  I love reading the Word of God and learning, but not from film.  I like film for drama.  I can see where other people would really like this one.  I am just not a fair judgment, as it’s not my normal favorite.  I do have to admit, though, there is nothing more exciting than the topic of Jesus’ return!

Both of these films are being sold on ONE DVD!

To Purchase these two films from Tim Green Ministries:

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