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‘Changing a Mind’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Changing a Mind’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Changing a Mind

Changing a Mind – The amazing true story of Neal, John, and Nicole. Imagine living life trapped in a world full of limitations. After a medical diagnosis leaves no hope for these children, one mother is determined to fight for their minds.

After nine years of research and fighting the current medical philosophy, Teresa Cody does what doctors and scientists say is impossible. She finds an answer. Her discovery leads to dramatically improved social behaviors as well as a rise in IQ as much as 8 to 20% in 6 months. Nicole, suffering with both Down Syndrome and Alzheimer disease comes back from the darkness in only 8 months. Witness the change.

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I’ve always LOVED people with Down Syndrome because I babysat a child with Down Syndrome and he was such an affectionate, likeable fellow and that image stuck with me all of my life.

Here were some highlights for me from this documentary:

  • Interesting and inspiring all the way through.
  • Amazing dedication and wonderful mission of Dr. Teresa Cody, whose son Neal has Down Syndrome.  Her story touched and inspired me.
  • This film brought awareness and HOPE with treatment for Down Syndrome.
  • The improvements were amazing.

There is a whole new world for Down Syndrome kids.  Make sure you get this film into the hands of anyone with a child with Down Syndrome.


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There is another feature film about a teenager named Grace who has Down Syndrome.  It’s a teenage film called, ‘Touched by Grace‘.  You may want to check this one out too!

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