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‘Charge Over You’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Charge Over You’ ~ CFDb Movie Review  &
Highest Recommendation


Charge Over You

Charge Over You – College student Sarah Goodall struggles to make sense of her life, her purpose, and her faith following the death of her mother, whose illness had consumed Sarah since adolescence. Now plagued with guilt and feelings of failure, the young woman watches her own life spiral downward, and a growing relationship with the mysterious Dane only adds to Sarah’s confusion.

Once an honor student, she begins failing her classes, jeopardizing her scholarship and her future. Then, an American transfer student, Mike, takes a vested interest in Sarah and helps her rediscover what she’s counted as lost.

Sneak Preview

Charge over you, screenshot

Highest recommendation for this film, although recommended for 16 and older, it’s an intense film!  Great musical score, great storyline, great message!  VERY intriguing.  Here is what I liked most about this film:

  • Suspense – there was one part where I actually jumped.  I love when a Christian movie can do that and still have a powerful message.
  • Intelligent design brought in as a part of the film and cleverly woven into the story.
  • Our deeds not only affect ourselves, but the next generation.
  • The supernatural aspect of the film and how Satan deceives us.
  • The fact that God has something else in store for us, when our prayers aren’t answered the way we think they should.

This film is a HIDDEN GEM!  It’s time to get the word out about this film and get more people to watch it and share it with others.  This is truly one of the best Christian films we’ve seen in a long time, maybe ever!  It’s a real keeper!

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  1. Sharon says
    11 February 16, 12:29pm

    Woah I was not expecting any of that! I quickly figured out what was going on with the blond but the trailer gave me a different idea of the movie. Wow such a powerful,beautiful movie! I kept rewinding that one scene! My favorite movie now!

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