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‘Charting Christmas’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Giveaway

‘Charting Christmas’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Giveaway


Charting Christmas

Charting Christmas – Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25? How did Saint Nicholas become Santa Claus? Why do we have Christmas trees? Charting Christmas provides answers to these questions and many more as it explores the history of Christmas.

Filmed on location in the Holy Land and the United Kingdom, this documentary traces the origins of Christmas traditions beginning with the biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah and the New Testament accounts of His birth. See how Christmas celebrations evolved through the ages and were influenced by notable figures and entities including Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Boniface, Charles Dickens, and even the Coca-Cola Corporation. Included are interviews with biblical scholars and historians, such as author and Bible teacher Lance Lambert and Canon Jim Rosenthal, Founder of the St. Nicholas Society. Their commentaries illuminate the origins of Christmas and tell us why we celebrate Christmas as we do today.

Sneak Preview

Charting Christmas

Christmas and its origins has fascinated me for many years now.  This documentary is a little different than the ones I’ve seen in the past.  This is definitely a Christian Documentary that causes you to think a lot about Jesus and not just Christmas.

Here are some highlights I wanted to point out:

  • The Shepherds and Wise men seemed to be of the very few who were actually ready for the Deliverer to come even though they had been praying for years for the Messiah to come and deliver them from the Romans.  (Sounds a lot like today – how many are really ready for Jesus to return?)
  • Most of Christmas comes from pagan background and traditions
  • Nice beginning and ending
  • Some still think of Jesus in the manger as a baby, but He is NOT.  He is our Savior and getting ready to come back to take His children home to Heaven!

‘Charting Christmas’ talks about:

  1. St Nick – the true story and what happened to him.  Very interesting
  2. Where some of the traditions come from
  3. Stages to Santa Clause  – seemed a little like stages to compromise in my opinion
  4. Pagan ideas being Christianized
  5. Fir tree story
  6. 25th of December and Constantine’s role in that

Informative and interesting!  Don’t miss out on this one!


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  1. TomW says
    27 September 13, 1:32pm

    Looks interesting. Not a fan of the secular humanist santa, so it might be interesting to learn more about the original among other things.

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