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“Christ Tempted” ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

“Christ Tempted” ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


Christ Tempted

A short film illustrating Christ’s forty days in the wilderness where, prior to beginning His earthly ministry, He was tempted by Satan… yet without sin.

Whereas some dialogue was added to further the narrative– every bit of Christ’s dialogue was carefully chosen and adapted from other parts of scripture with much prayer and study.

The true account can be found in fourth chapter of the book of Matthew.


Christ Tempted from David Helling on Vimeo.

Absolutely LOVED this short film, great cinematography too.

Here were the highlights for me:

  • Out of all the Jesus films I’ve ever seen, none quite impacted me as much as this short clip, under 10 minutes long.
  • It was shown how the wilderness experience was a preparation for all Christ had to do.
  • The words the devil spoke to Jesus – I could really picture it happening in a similar way and the powerful words Jesus spoke in return.
  • This short shows how Satan knows the Scriptures and how he can use it to his advantage.  This is something he still does today.
  • The last test was the most powerful and really impacted me.  Jesus answers with such authority, and really shows who He is.

Great tool for discussion starters!

 Christ TemptedAmazing what can be done with green screen!


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