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‘Christmas Angel’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Christmas Angel’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation

Christmas Angel

Ashley’s always been on her own, but this Christmas she feels more alone than ever as she searches fruitlessly for a job. Her neighbor Nick offers work as his assistant, but there’s a catch: she can’t tell anybody that her boss helps others—anonymously. When a reporter becomes suspicious, can Ashley protect Nick’s secret and her heart?

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I LOVE this movie, but it’s not Christian.  It’s a great Christmas movie, and a great Christianity in action movie, without actually mentioning God or Christianity.  There is a statement made that someone would pray, but that’s about it.

So why watch this film?  This is a fantastic idea for every Christian out there.  How do we spend the money God gave us?  Do we use it wisely?  Do we use it selfishly?  This would be my dream come true…to have unlimited funds to be able to give to others on a regular basis.  The only part I wish would have been talked about is that sometimes people need help financially as well as given training on how to manage their own funds wisely.  None of us are born with that ability and it isn’t taught in schools, most of them.  In order to succeed in life, we can’t just rely on God to do things for us…He expects us to use His money wisely and to learn how.

Remember…people are a better investment than real estate or any other investment we might make in this life.

You’ll really enjoy this movie!  A great Christmas movie for sure!

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