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‘So This is Christmas’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘So This is Christmas’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


So This is Christmas

So This is Christmas – Sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones you already have.

Eighteen-year old Ashley’s life is headed in the wrong direction. She’s been hanging out with a bad crowd and seeking an escape from the drama at home. Everything begins to change when a handyman working on the family’s house encourages her to volunteer for a Christmas play with underprivileged children. Ashley finds purpose by helping people in need and uses that to help heal her troubled family. Together, they discover the impact one person can make through the gift of giving.


Sneak Preview

So This is Christmas

This Film has some unexpected themes in it.  Great for youth groups.  Here are a couple of things I liked about this one:

  • Great musical score
  • Unique beginning
  • Some really great moments throughout, especially with Ashley’s friend.  May we all be willing to help in a similar circumstance.
  • The scene where Ashley sees herself in the future as she could be.  Loved that part!  Wish that would happen to all of us BEFORE we head down that wrong path.

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