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“Christmas Miracle” ~ CFDb Recommendation, Review & Giveaway


When a blinding blizzard blows in unexpectedly, a group of strangers is forced to take refuge in an abandoned church. Over the course of the evening, they must rely on one another to make it through. But what will it take for them to realize the holiday miracle they’re experiencing?

RELEASE DATE 10/16/2012


Sneak Preview


The Beautiful Church where most of the film takes place

Since this is a Thomas Kincaid film, it should go without saying that the cinematography was breathtaking.  Whenever they showed the scene of the town, I actually said, “That looks like a picture that belongs on a postcard!”

This was a great Christian film, full of Hallmark quality greatness, including the musical score.

I read a story about a missionary who prayed for God to give him a Divine Appointment every day and every day he received one.  The next year he prayed for 2 Divine Appointments a day.  What a tremendous faith this man had.  I began to do the same asking for a daily Divine Appointment.  I’m on day 18 and every day I’ve received one.  My Divine Appointments weren’t the same as this missionary who actually was preaching the Gospel on a daily basis, but I am starting small and working my way up as my faith increases.

This movie is all about a DIVINE APPOINTMENT.  Fabulous!  You see God’s hand at every step and see His promise in Romans 8:28 fulfilled perfectly.

George Canyon

As most of you know, I’m not much of a music fan, so I had never heard of George Canyon.  What a pleasure surprise when he began to sing in this film.  I remember saying, “Either he is not really singing, or he is a professional singer.”  That really added to the movie.


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  1. Manu says
    16 October 12, 6:58am

    This movie sounds awesome!

  2. Joy says
    26 November 13, 4:41pm

    i couldn’t read the credits at the end and had to do a search to find the singer’s name. he is great – i’ll be looking for his recordings now.

    the movie was pretty good too. 😉

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