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Cinevee ~ In Need of Distribution for your Christian Film?

In Need of Distribution This Christmas?

Christmas is a time of giving. It’s also a time to recognize and respond to needs. Are you in need of distribution this Christmas? If you are, 99% of producers share your need. Only 1% of finished films receive distribution deals with studios  (IndieWire). Cinevee is the digital distribution solution for the 99%. With Cinevee, you can give your fans instant access to buy or rent your film. Control your own pricing, connect with your customers, and get paid directly and immediately. Now that’s a distribution deal that the 1% would give thanks for! Your need could be met this Christmas season. It’s your choice.

These Filmmakers Chose Cinevee. Your Turn.
Have you visited in the last few weeks? If you haven’t, drop in and see the many producers and filmmakers that have recently chosen Cinevee for digital distribution. You’ll find literally dozens of new titles added to our unique selection of independent films, shorts and documentaries. Make your film the next new release on Cinevee! Below are just a few of the newcomers. Visit our gallery for more. Then, support your fellow independent filmmaker, and watch their film. Enjoy it instantly on any device!


Give Thanks For Intro Pricing.
Sign up for Cinevee today, and give thanks for our intro pricing, for a limited time.
Feature film: $249. Save $250 | Short film: $149. Save $150 | Student film: $49. Save $50
Learn more at our FAQ.


It’s Easy.
How easy is it, you ask? Watch this short video to learn the three easy steps to get set up on Cinevee.
For More Information on Cinevee you can contact them at 616-546-3077 or e-mail.

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