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“Clancy” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review


Clancy Miller is an abused 12 year old who runs away to keep from getting taken away by social workers. Out on the streets, she meets up with Nick, an ill-tempered, homeless vet. A corrupt mayor, desperately seeking re-election, offers Nick a reward to keep the missing girl out of site for a few days; the mayor’s secret plan – to ‘find her’ in grand fashion in an attempt to gain favor with the voters.

A scuffle with a loan shark sends Clancy and Nick on the lam to the nearby countryside. There an unlikely friendship blossoms, as the down and out man slowly begins to see the world through the eyes of the optimistic girl.



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What a film!  This is one of those MUST SEE films!  This film made me cry…a lot!  Clancy is the perfect example of how Christians should be…totally like Jesus.  This is such a touching film where there is a great Gospel presentation, as well as a fabulous story.

Even in the midst of abuse, Clancy was unchanging.  Sad but still strong in her faith…that is what was so amazing.  I know this can be done because of all the Bible stories we’ve read and the many stories of those that lived lives for Jesus in the face of persecution from all sides, even from their own families.

I can’t recommend this film enough.  I don’t want to say any more if you haven’t see it yet.  You NEED to!


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