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“Clips That Move Mountains” ~ CFDb Book Review, Recommendation, & Giveaway

“Clips That Move Mountains” ~
CFDb Book Review, Recommendation, & Giveaway


Clips That Move MountainsClips That Move Mountains

Clips That Move Mountains – Grow your faith and impact for Christ with this Scripture rich, interactive and inspirational video book with 23 film clips, true stories, and person life application sections.

 Clips that move mountains back cover

Explore Biblical-based answers to life’s toughest questions:

  • What is my purpose and calling?
  • How can I find forgiveness?
  • Is it logical to follow Jesus?
  • How can I live my faith in today’s culture?
  • What will help/hinder me in relationships?
  • How can I hear God’s voice?


Patty SadallahPatty Sadallah

Patty Sadallah was saved at the age of 20 and is pleased to be able to serve the Lord with her gifts. It is her passion and mission to help people grow in their faith and live out their callings so they may have tremendous impact in the marketplace for the Lord. She brings nearly 3 decades of experience as a nonprofit and faith-based organization development consultant, coach, facilitator, speaker and trainer.

Clips that Move Mountains is her first book. Visit the Presentation’s Tab of her website to see what Patty can speak about related to this book.  She can be called upon to do Strategic Planning, Board Development and Fundraising Planning for nonprofits and faith-based organizations as well.  She is also in the process of creating a Bible Study Facilitators Guide called Journey to the Abundant Christian Life, that will work through the Clips that Move Mountains book.  Contact her at  Patty via e-mail or call her at 877-733-7471 if you would like to have her speak or train or consult at your church or organization.

Even though this is a book, it definitely qualified for a review as this book is packed full of great movie clips that are inspirational and full of great messages.  Inside the book are plenty of QR Codes or you can use the Links to view each clip.  There is plenty of room for notes and studies as well.

I would like to share part of the back story of the book and how God gave Patty the idea for this book.  You’ll have to read the book to get the rest of the story…

“The First thing that God gave me was the name of the book.  Clips That Move Mountains.  Then He gave me the map image with compass points North, West, South, and East and the words, “territory of impact”.

Patty really chose some of the most powerful video clips available.  Each one of them has a strong message.  I just want to mention one in my review today:

One of the most powerful clips can be found on page 31 entitled, ‘Strangers‘.  This clip really brings out how we are ALL connected together and how each action causes a reaction.  It’s one of my favorites because I’m constantly reminding people of this fact.  Every thing we do, every word we say, every thought we think, every action we make…is either for good or for evil.  That is why it’s so imperative that we spend time with God and pray throughout the day so the devil doesn’t catch us off guard.

There isn’t one people on this planet that hasn’t said something they wished they hadn’t said.  Thankfully we have a forgiving God, but oh for the wisdom to NOT say it before we do, it’s possible with His strength.

You can really tell that Patty Sadallah was inspired by the Holy Spirit when she penned this unique book.  The film clips and the inspirational stories are relate-able and instructive to help grow your faith in Jesus.  The combination of film and writing truly work together to reach people for Christ and glorify God.

There are lots of gems in this book so we highly recommend it!

clips that move mountains

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And now…The Giveaway – This contest is to win the paperback book: Clips That Move Mountains; there will be 2 winners!  The winner will be announced after February 2, 2014.  ENTER TODAY and let all your friends know about the contest too!  Unique and inspirational this book is!

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  1. Robyn L says
    24 January 14, 8:56am

    I would love to win this book because it seems to be an unique concept for a wonderful book that one could relate with our real life walk with Christ! Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity to win !

  2. Pat says
    27 January 14, 11:09am

    This looks like a very interesting read and I’d love to win it!

  3. 28 January 14, 12:39pm

    Thanks for this feature and contest Annelie and Roger. I am happy to share that the Kindle version of this book is now live and available on the Amazon and Kindle store and I would like to offer 2 FREE copies of this book version to your contest. This is in addition to the Enhanced E-book version that is also available. I am so happy to have Christian Film Database as a partner in this book project journey. God bless you!

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