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‘Come Follow Me’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Come Follow Me’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Come Follow Me

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ most impulsive apostle, Peter! This powerful dramatic production will help you imagine the devoted-but-headstrong disciple’s misunderstandings, doubts, denials, and ultimate commitment. You’ll marvel at the ways he changed between his first encounter with Jesus on the Sea of Galilee and his last act of steadfast faithfulness!

Jesus said, “Come Follow Me” and a man named Peter listened and responded. Yet Peter struggled, failing again and again. When Peter fell to his lowest point, Jesus demonstrated his eternal message. Walk with Peter on his journey from pride to humility, guilt to forgiveness, and doubt to faith. You are invited to hear Jesus’ saving message for all to “Come Follow Me.”

Written and produced by an Emmy-winning team, this acclaimed film offers a dynamic new opportunity to reach people with the story of Jesus—a valuable tool your congregation can use this year.


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Taken from scenes from the movie, ‘Jesus‘, this is Peter’s account of his experience with Jesus.  Besides the great cinematography and musical score, here are some highlights:

  • Jesus called to him, Come Follow Me.  Peter left all to follow Him and Jesus gave him new life.
  • Truth is for ALL to hear.
  • Love the scene about Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  Reminds me that we all need Jesus’ cleansing and righteousness.
  • Jesus telling them to follow His example in love and that love will prove they are His followers.  Can we be called Christians if we do not love?  Would we be accused of being Christians by the love we show on a daily basis, even within our own families?  If there is no love, there is no Jesus.
  • Peter saying he would die for Jesus yet denies Him that same night.  After that experience Peter was converted and learned to trust not in himself, but in Jesus.  That was how he became victorious, same as us today…it’s ALL about JESUS!

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