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CFDb wants to connect with you!  We want to know how we can partner together or share a link exchange or help you get the word out about your Christian Film or Christian Company.  We offer many different advertising options or ways to connect with us, as well as free advertising.

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Why connect with us?  Here are our Google Stats for the past 3 months.  We are steadily growing and can help you increase your viewers as well.  For December, 2012 – our unique visitors were over 76,000.

For Filmmakers we offer a free movie page, interviews, reviews & giveaways for your Christian Film which includes shout outs to the social media.  If you have a Christian Film and it fits the CFDb Criteria, add your film details here and we’ll make sure your film is given it’s own film page.

For Christian Companies that are Christian Movie affiliated we also offer free interviews or link exchanges.

For Filmmakers, Christian Companies, Film Festivals we offer paid advertising.  Check out our rates and locations in our CFDb Advertising Presentation.  If any our prices are out of your advertising budget range, call us at (719) 687-4394 or e-mail us and let us know and we’ll work something out.  We have lots of discount options, including Tweets with discounts offered regularly.

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If you are not satisfied with the results of your advertisement, let us know and we will give you an additional month of advertising for free in a different advertising location on CFDb.

We WANT to work with you, CONNECT with you so we are extremely flexible and continually improving our site so more people will want to spend time on the database, which means more exposure for you!

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There are many goals here at CFDb and you can read our mission statement as well but we really desire to CONNECT with other Christians and help each other reach our goals together.  If we really want to reach the people (Christians and Non-Christians) then we need to WORK TOGETHER!  Find a way to connect in any way you can with other Christians.  UNITY is the key!

A special discount for advertising – when you call or e-mail mention the word CONNECTION and you’ll automatically receive an extra 10% discount, even if you qualify for any other discount being offered.


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YOU are our missing piece – Connect with CFDb Today

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