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‘Conquer Series’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Conquer Series: The Battle Plan for Purity’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation


Conquer Series

For the first time in history, a cinematic teaching series on sexual purity is here to offer men proven principles and practical tools to conquer pornography and other sexual bondage.

The Conquer Series is a new cinematic DVD teaching series for men. Included in the set are five 1-hour long teaching DVDs and a leader’s DVD. This is not just another study tool for men, but a tried and proven battle plan for purity in a lustful and Godless world.

The host of the Series is Dr. Ted Roberts, founder of Pure Desire Ministries International and former U.S. Marine Corps fighter pilot in Vietnam. He was the senior pastor of a church in Oregon with over 7000 members and has counseled and discipled men for over thirty years. We have condensed thirty years of Dr. Roberts’ knowledge and experience into five hours of simple, yet comprehensive, teaching.

Included in each DVD are action-packed cinematic reenactments based on Dr. Roberts’ battle experience and insightful teaching that will help men break free from sexual bondage and defeat the enemy. It is ideal for men struggling with pornography or sexual addiction.

The Conquer Series is designed for men’s small groups, but is also ideal for self-study. A 6-Disk DVD set and the Conquer Series Study Guide.

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Conquer Series

This is a 6 Disc DVD Collection for any man who’s ever struggled.  What’s interesting is that women can watch too, as there are women that struggle in the area of sexual addiction as well, and yes…even in the church.  This series also helps others understand the people that have the addictions.  This is really a docu-drama at times, which adds to the impact of this series.

DVD 1 – The Mission – An introduction to the battlefield and the four components of the noose of bondage.  Discover why trying harder does not work and the strategies God has given men to walk in purity.

  • A powerful warning in the beginning which is great advice.  Pay attention.
  • Quote from the US Army Field Manual “The ultimate military purpose of war is the destruction of the enemy’s ability to fight and will to fight.”
  • Sexual seduction is Satan’s master plan against our souls.
  • We become a conqueror by choice.
  • Very interesting facts about how our moral change in America came about.
  • When you are stressed or hurt, what or WHO do your turn to?

TAKE the SAST Test Anonymously.

DVD 2 – Battle of the Brain – We examine the neuro chemistry of addiction to see how men get hooked on pornography; how premarital sex rewireds the brain; and how we can renew our minds through Christ.

  • The battle truly is in the brain.  (Reminds me of Joyce Meyer and her Battlefield of the Mind book.
  • We have to understand how the brain works to gain the victory.
  • Whatever attracts and holds your attention will eventually control the direction of your life.
  • Most decisions are made in your unconscious mind.
  • The Need to reprogram your brain for victory.
  • Strongholds are like a noose around the neck.
  • You really start to grow in Christ when you have true friends that can walk together in victory.

DVD 3 – Strongholds of the Enemy – Study the three major strongholds that keep men in the cycle of bondage: the arousal template, wounds and deception.  We also learn emergency procedures to minimize relapse.

  • Learn about practical coping mechanisms and tearing down those strongholds.
  • Anger is a secondary emotion.  Fear is the first emotion.
  • Men and women come from different prospective.  Marriage is to crucify us – to deliver us from selfishness, which is fear driven.
  • What drives us?  Is our value based on circumstances?
  • What makes us angry?  Ask the question…GREAT example given about men/women & our anger.
  • Overreacting is the first sign that you are wounded.

DVD 4 – The Soldier & His Armor – Master the weapons and strategies of God to conquer sexual sin.  By studying the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, learn how to apply each piece of armor against sexual bondage.

  • You need to understand the weapons the enemy is using against you.  He gives a powerful example of how the enemy accuses us.  Don’t fall for the American Gospel.
  • The strategies the devil is using against you.
  • Understanding the supernatural gifts God has given you.
  • The strategy on how to take the enemy out.

DVD 5 – The Battle Plan – We leave men with a powerful and practical battle plan to continue the process of renewing their minds, restoring intimacy with their wives, and walking in sexual integrity.

  • The more anointed you are, the more you will be attacked NOT to pick up your sword.  If you are being attacked, thank God because the devil sees a threat.
  • Learning how to form new pathways until that new pathway becomes more efficient…renewing the mind.

DVD 6 – Leader’s Guide – Designed for me who want to lead a men’s small group using the Conquer Series curriculum, Dr. Ted Roberts demonstrates the steps to conduct a Conquer Group.

  • Core issue of shame will be dealt with in this series.  Small groups are vital.  Accountability is vital as well.
  • This should be a safe place for men to go, yet a REAL group.
  • You will receive effective answers in this series.
  • Be transparent as a leader.
  • This is a series that works!

‘The Battle Plan for Purity’ is a fantastic series that we highly recommend, for individuals and for groups, especially in churches.  If we aren’t walking in victory, how can we expect the world to walk in victory.  CFDb also interviewed Dr. Ted Roberts if you want to learn more about him and this series.

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TAKE the SAST Test Anonymously.

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