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‘Contest’ ~ CFDb Movie Review and Giveaway

‘Contest’ ~ CFDb Movie Review and Giveaway

Contest – A beauty. A bully.  An outsider.  Unlikely friends…forever.


Contest, Contest


SYNOPSIS: Bullied high school student Tommy (Daniel Flaherty) is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor, Matt (Kenton Duty), the school’s most popular student and star athlete. Tommy is suspicious, but is forced to accept the awkward friendship in order to enter a cooking contest with a big prize. And besides, it’s so much easier to impress his crush, Sarah (Katherine McNamara), when he’s not getting beat up by Matt and his team. As the cooking contest heats up, Sarah sniffs out a conspiracy, but nobody wants to hear about it. Can Tommy trust his budding friendship with Matt or is it all a huge joke on him?

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I saw the trailer on this film and I really wanted to review the film because it looked fantastic and I was NOT disappointed.  Even though this film does not show a need for God and isn’t on the database for that reason, it has a LOT of wonderful qualities.  Here are some things I loved about this film:

  • Absolutely LOVED the Sunday dinner idea.
  • Some great humor in this one, to offset the serious moments.
  • Tommy, the one being bullied, had a great attitude throughout and even in his moments of doubting, it was realistic and he had every right to doubt this new friendship.
  • I believe it was the assistant principal that came up with the original great idea.  I wish this idea was implemented in every school.
  • The idea that none of are on our own.  Now THIS IS a Biblical principle I wish we all could remember.  Romans 14:7 – For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.
  • Putting aside our first impressions.
  • Staying strong when things get tough as they do for EVERY one of us on this planet.
  • ALWAYS remember those people in your life that care about you and move on from those who never will.  (PERFECT)

As you can see, there was QUITE a lot that I loved about this film and we would highly recommend this film, especially for the youth.



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  1. Annelie says
    19 December 13, 4:41pm

    Sonia Denice posted this on a different page and I thought it should be here as well since it’s more information about bullying. CFDb

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    Thank you,

    Sonia Denice
    Twitter @kidz4thnow

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