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‘Crimes and Mister Meanors’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Crimes and Mister Meanors’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Crimes and Mister Meanors

One decision can change the course of history
Young teenager Jake Harvard is less than thrilled when he learns he is going to stay with his uncle in suburban Washington D.C. for the summer. Upon arrival, he discovers his Uncle Benny runs a detective agency but is an inept bumbler and business hasn’t been good. Jake meets Kat Adams, a girl his age and the estranged daughter of a U.S. Congressman.

Their friendship is in its very early stages when a distraught woman named Lola Meanors pays a visit to Benny’s office seeking help in finding her missing husband. Jake and Kat are intrigued, and when Benny refuses to take the case, they decide to secretly investigate on their own. The two quickly find themselves in the middle of a major conspiracy that has claimed the lives of several scientists at a secret government facility and threatens to end theirs as well. A climactic face-off at one of Washington’s oldest landmarks sets the stage for the return of Mr. Meanors and offers a glimpse into what made America’s founders so great.

Lesson(s) – This family-oriented feature film teaches lessons on the exceptionalism of America as a direct result of the God-given freedom outlined in the Declaration Of Independence. It recognizes God as real and as a nessesary part of our nation.

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What a delightful film that gives us a great reminder as to how God made this Country of America great.  Loved the cinematography in this one and the humor as well.

For me personally, goofy humor detracts from any film I watch, but this one had just the right amount of humor in it.  I found myself laughing out loud several times, yet it didn’t detract from the message of the film.

This film shows what a blessing children can be if they set their minds to doing the right thing.  It also shows the lesson to the children from doing the wrong thing, such as not telling the appropriate people the truth, even though God did work it out in the end.

Some surprises in this one.  Your children are sure to enjoy this one, and maybe even some of the parents too!

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