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“Critical Choice” ~ CFDb Movie Review

Critical Choice

When Angela bided her husband a temporary goodbye, determined to embark on her graduate studies in a foreign land, she thought she had a blueprint of their future plans engraved on her palms. She believed she had it all figured out. Little did she know that the twists and turns of her future were not going to be as easy. She was definitely not prepared for the alternatives life was going to throw at her.

When Reuben set the stage for the perfect deceptive crime, carelessly playing in the devil’s trap, little did he know that the evil men do no longer trails them, but lives with them.

Emmanuel received a lucrative offer of promotion shortly after signing wedding vows with Jenny. They were less prepared to take a step that will change their lives forever. Before they all could move to the next level, they came to a crossroad where the only way forward must be revealed by taking a CRITICAL CHOICE!!!

Sneak Preview

Critical Choice is a call to take a stand, a stand to take responsibility for all your actions!  Sin causes us to say things we don’t mean, to do things we shouldn’t, to make excuses and rationalize what we do, even when we KNOW deep down inside, that God is displeased!  Bottom line is fake Christianity!  When our love for God waxes cold, false Christianity arises…which is basically selfishness!

This movie shows how the smallest gap left open is all the devil needs to get through and the results can be disastrous.

Life is all about choices  and God wants us to cleave to Him!

Parts of this movie are very unique as it deals with separation from spouses due to immigration issues.  This movie causes you to really think about what God really wants and will we choose His ways over our own.

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