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‘Out of the Darkness’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Out of the Darkness’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Out of the Darkness

he incredible true story of Shelley Lubben and her journey from a life in the pornography industry to a life in Christ. With important commentary from world-renowned experts, Dr. Judith Reisman and Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, this new style of documentary charts the liberating power of love in the life of one extraordinary woman.


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The topic of pornography really touches at my heart because of how many lives this has ruined and yet here is a documentary of hope and healing.  Here are some of the things that touched me in this film:

  • Interesting facts about where the sexual revolution started.
  • Being so desperate for attention makes is very easy to get caught up into the sex industry.
  • 2 things fight for the children – Parents or the World.  If the parents aren’t fighting for the children, the world wins and lives are being ruined as a result of that neglect.

What shouted out to me during this was the thought, “No one dreams of being a porn star!”  We all have dreams and things happen along the way that shatter those dreams.  It’s time to reclaim those original dreams and God is the answer for that!

Remember that everyone is someone for whom Jesus died.  Those porn stars are someone’s child, sister, or friend.

I sincerely pray this documentary will help those that are suffering from low esteem and desperate for attention.


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