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Deadline – Out in Selected Theaters Today and Tomorrow 4/18 & 4/19 + more on Friday ~

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Film Synopsis:

The murder of an African American youth in rural Alabama has gone unpunished, unsolved and uninvestigated for almost twenty years. But that changes when Nashville Times reporter Matt Harper meets an idealistic blue blood bent on discovering the truth.

Harper undertakes the investigation despite the opposition of his publisher, violent threats from mysterious forces, a break-up with his fiancee and his father’s cancer diagnosis. Deadline is a story of murder, family, race, and of redemption – for a small Southern town and for Matt Harper.

Curt @ Film House, Inc. sent us an e-mail about Deadline and we wanted to pass the information along to you!  Check and see it this movie is playing near you!

Great news:  Deadline has been held over in Chicago and San Diego!
Plus Deadline opens Friday for one week only in Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, OH and Little Rock. So if you live in these cities or know people who do, this is your weekend to see Deadline!
For the other cities on this list, you only have today and tomorrow to catch Deadline in a theater.
This is your chance to experience this timely, powerful film that’s touching hearts everywhere it opens. Get a group of friends together and see why movie-goers say Deadline reminds them of To Kill a Mockingbird.
Deadline is an important, terrific movie, with the kind of compelling story and fascinating characters that made The Help so engaging. Beautifully acted and directed.” ~ Dr. Linda Seger, Script Consultant on over 2,000 scripts and author of Making a Good Script Great
“Curt Hahn has transformed Mark Ethridge’s story into a film that’s a larger heirloom of the American South. Deadline’s greatest gift may be its ability to tap into the stains and fault lines of the South, but also into the region’s unfaltering resilience and ability to forgive and redeem.”
~ Audra D. S. Burch, The Miami Herald
Deadline is a powerful movie with a conscience. Once in a while, a movie is made that affects social consciousness and creates a conduit for important change in one’s self, in one’s country. Deadline is one of these movies.”
~ Donna Peerce, Movie Blog
“I loved Deadline. It touched my heart. No, it touched my soul.” ~ Mike Pandey, Filmmaker & Chair of the steering committee for the International Film Festival of India

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