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‘Decline of an Empire’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Decline of an Empire’ ~
CFDb Movie Review

Decline of an Empire

Katherine of Alexandria was tortured on a wheel of spikes for refusing to worship Rome’s pagan gods and the Katherine Wheel firework was created in her honour.

There are 1,100 buildings around the world named after the saint who defied Rome to introduce Christianity to the masses. After her death, the Roman empire acknowledged Christianity is the true religion, and Christians were no longer persecuted.

Saint Katherine’s monastery on Mount Sinai is the most famous building, visited by almost 3 million people each year. In the USA, Hundreds of schools, colleges, and churches carry the name of Saint Katherine (or Catherine) and this film is the first ever account of her story.

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Some powerful moments within this film. Loved what Katherine said about lying and a powerful speech about heaven.

This is not a movie for children, although the 20 minute documentary portion of it that is found in the Behind the Scenes section is very informative and interesting and wouldn’t need a warning for children.

Katherine denounced pagan worship and had such a peaceful attitude in the midst of terrible circumstances, including being abducted as a child.  To have that kind of peace in every circumstance is what each Christian should have.  She had the faith that she was always in God’s hands and her life, as a result, was extraordinary.

I didn’t know anything about Katherine before this movie and the information about Constantine was also very enlightening.

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