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‘End of the Spear’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘End of the Spear’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


End of the Spear

Worlds collide and tragedy strikes as a group of missionaries journeys to the heart of the Amazon jungle in search of the Waodani, a fierce tribe of warriors completely isolated from civilization. When five of the missionaries are brutually speared by the tribesmen, their families, numb, are left husbandless and fatherless. Undeterred by their loss and spurred on by hope, the families of the victims remain in Ecuador to live among the Waodani as a young boy attempts to unlock the explosive secret of his father’s death.

The true life story of 5 young men: Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Peter Fleming, and their pilot, Nate Saint who gave their lives for the Gospel. It also focusses on the families (specifically Nate’s son, Steve Saint) and their unbelievable response to such a senseless tragedy.

Sneak PreviewEnd of the Spear

Heartbreaking film from beginning to end.  Here are some things that really impacted me:

  • The beginning was very brutal, yet true and you really got a picture of how far from God they truly were.
  • The love that these missionaries had for these violent people was truly showing how much God loves each one of us.
  • True sacrifice is what was shown in this film and in the lives of all these people.  These people truly followed God’s Words to love not their lives to the death.
  • What was even more powerful was the tremendous act of love and forgiveness shown by the women and children to the Waodani, and how God used them to change so many lives.

We must give a parental warning for this film, mostly because of the intense scenes.  Watch it first before showing it to your children.  It would be good for children to see true Christianity in action, but be prepared for some tough questions.

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