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‘Finding a Family’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

Finding a Family DVD coverFinding a Family

When an accident leaves his mother unable to provide for him, Alex’s ambitions to attend Harvard are in jeopardy. Being forced into foster care away from his school—and only symbol of stability—he takes it upon himself to find another family to take him in. Can he find a place to call home before his dreams disappear?


Sneak Preview

Finding a Family

Although we really liked this film, it would not be considered a Christian film and therefore this film is not listed on the database, but deserved a review as this was based on a true story.

There were a few things that brought up some deep thought:

1) Education is like a magic key to open any door.  (We do know that it’s really God that opens the doors for us)

2) The main character reminded me of Daniel in the Bible – even though going through tough times, the toughest imaginable, he was able to keep his grades up, he had a goal and he kept to it.

3) There was a situation that came up during the movie where a certain teacher handled the uncomfortable situation very nicely.  You’ll recognize it when you see it!  Great job!

4) I liked the idea of going as a group to prom – it’s been awhile so I’m not sure if this is really done or not.  I believe a lot more people would go to the prom if they weren’t pressured to bring a date.

Check out this film – it’s inspirational!

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