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The First Valentine ~ CFDb Movie Review

The First Valentine ~ CFDb Movie Review


The First Valentine

A modern teenager meets a legendary saint…and learns a lesson in love. In this adventure of imagination, young Tess, a shy girl of 13, discovers a new meaning for love on Valentine’s Day.

Through a very special book, she meets the third century martyr Valentine and his Christian friends. They show her what it means to love others as Jesus loves us, and to receive that love in return. Jonathan Farwell and Kaleena Kiff star in this fresh and inspiring story of the origin of Valentine’s Day.



Sorry – can’t find a trailer for this one





This is another of my all time favorite films, only this one is a short film, 25 minutes long.  We recommend this one for ALL AGES!  Fantastic in every way.  You’ll really like it if you’ve ever been the new kid in school.

  • Shares the legend of St Valentine
  • Powerful story told in a way that sticks with you
  • The amazing love and dedication for Jesus, the Saviour

This is a MUST SEE FILM!

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  1. Jennifer says
    14 February 14, 2:30pm

    Wow. I saw this movie like, 3 times in my Sunday school class over the years. Haven’t thought of it for a while until now.

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