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“Flowers for Fannie” ~ CFDb Review & Giveaway

Flowers for Fannie

Fannie Fairchild locked up her heart when her beloved George was killed in the Great War. But now she faces her own mortality and realizes that she has no one to maintain her grave with flowers. After a number of failed attempts to hire someone for the job, Fannie finds herself helpless and under the care of Louise, a young woman nothing like Fannie. Will Fannie accept love from this unexpected source or continue the lonely life she’s sustained all these many years?




Sneak Preview

This film has some really funny moments.  I love Fannie’s character because she reminds me of an Aunt I used to have that I absolutely LOVED but she had such a rough exterior.  Fannie has some great facial expressions and comments throughout as well.

Even though this film is funny, it does take a serious look at the elderly and especially for those that are alone in this world.  No one should ever be entirely alone.  Everyone needs friends and love can break the hardest of hearts!

Louise shows true Christianity in action and is an inspiration to us all.  Innocent, kind and compassionate!

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AND NOW THE GIVEAWAY~ For 1 week only~ The contest ends February 5, 2013.

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  1. chris says
    29 January 13, 6:40am

    anytime is a great time for a free movie, especially a clean one. thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  2. Manu says
    29 January 13, 12:24pm

    I haven’t seen this, but it looks like a great film!

  3. Danielle says
    30 January 13, 4:09pm

    I have seen this. This is a great, clean, family friendly movie that I think all will enjoy either alone or with friends. The cast did a great job bringing life into these characters. I highly recommend seeing the movie…at least twice !

  4. Danielle says
    30 January 13, 4:12pm

    I am entering the contest because I enjoyed the movie and would like to have a copy. I would recommend this movie to anyone! There are not enough clean, wholesome movies being made and I would like to own a copy of this one to show to friends and family when they visit.

  5. Cindy says
    30 January 13, 8:20pm

    It is a cute film; I watched the free sneak preview a few nights ago.
    Since someone I used to go to church with has a bit part in it, I really would like to have a copy.

  6. Anita says
    31 January 13, 12:31am

    It sounds like a good clean film, meaning as well as humor.

  7. Anita says
    31 January 13, 12:32am

    I would like to see the movie winning one would be exra special.

  8. carlene jernigan says
    31 January 13, 12:51am

    This looks like a great family movie full of love compassion and laughs. I want to see it in it’s entireity

  9. Teri Barnes says
    04 February 13, 7:33pm

    My daugher, Hayden Barnes plays in this movie. This is her first non-speaking role. This was an amazing experience. The cast and crew were so friendly, nice and always professional. This was a great way to start her career and be able to learn and grow and gain new friends in the process.The movie was funny yet sad but made us realize we need to look around us because someone out there might need a friend or some help. Great family movie!

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