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‘For Pete’s Sake’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘For Pete’s Sake’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


For Pete’s Sake


“A gas-station attendant (Robert Sampson), his wife (Pippa Scott) and son (Johnny Jensen). Barely eking out a living, the attendant must endure harassment from a local motorcycle gang. After attending a Billy Graham revival meeting, the attendant and his family decide to apply their new found religiosity in dealing with the nasty cyclists.”


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One of our favorite Billy Graham Classics.  What a powerful Christian film!  We love the whole brand new Christian experience being played out in this film.  There is a lot of truth in this film, along with some great humorous moments.

It really shows questioning why things happen as we all go through, especially when we become Christians.  The minister in this film is great, the real thing…willing to learn.

My favorite statement came from the minister.  “Did you think that being a Christian automatically gives you an insurance policy against tragedy?”  I believe this is one of the major problems with Christianity today.  People think that if they become a Christian nothing bad will happen to them, but that just isn’t Biblical.  Just look at all the martyrs for Christ.  Professed Christians today act more like spoiled brats, getting offended at the least little thing.  It’s the main reason why people don’t want to become Christians.  They don’t see the difference between a Christian and a non Christian.  Christians are supposed to be salt in the earth, examples of Jesus, but instead have made a mockery of His name.  Sorry to sound so harsh, but it’s the truth.

Jesus called us to a higher calling, not just forgiveness for our sins, not just eternal life…but VICTORY in this world over sin and self.  Fantastic news!  I truly believe God is shaking His people and waking them up to become more like Him.  Have mercy on us God, we are slow to learn and slow to truly believe.

There was a lot in this film that makes it really worth watching, especially for those suffering some sort of loss.  Another statement the minister made was about getting close to Jesus and when we do, we’ll find He is enough.

More favorite parts:

  • When we go through tragedy it’s so important NOT to isolate yourself.  We all need each other in order to heal.
  • If you focus on the hypocrites and that keeps you away from Jesus, you short change yourself.  It’s not about the people…it’s about Jesus!


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