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‘Freedom’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Freedom’ ~
CFDb Movie Review



Two men separated by 100 years are united in their search for freedom. In 1856 a slave, Samuel Woodward and his family, escape from the Monroe Plantation near Richmond, Virginia. A secret network of ordinary people known as the Underground Railroad guide the family on their journey north to Canada. They are relentlessly pursued by the notorious slave hunter Plimpton.

Hunted like a dog and haunted by the unthinkable suffering he and his forbears have endured, Samuel is forced to decide between revenge or freedom. 100 years earlier in 1748, John Newton the Captain of a slave trader sails from Africa with a cargo of slaves, bound for America. On board is Samuel’s great grandfather whose survival is tied to the fate of Captain Newton.

The voyage changes Newton’s life forever and he creates a legacy that will inspire Samuel and the lives of millions for generations to come.

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With forgiveness comes true freedom.  Here were some highlights:

  • Based on true events.
  • In the smallest of things I see a flicker of hope.
  • No one can shackle the hope that is within our hearts.
  • The horrors of slavery and its wretchedness and the fact that it still exists all around the world, mostly with women and children.
  • The song (Swing Low).  The slave that sang it…you finally understood the depths of where this song came from.

A powerful musical about forgiveness and what so many suffered for their freedom and how many willing to suffer for others just to bring the people in slavery to safety.  May God give us all the grace and strength to do the same for others.

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