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‘The God Question’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The God Question’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The God Question

News breaks that a group of MIT scientists has developed a new super-intelligent computer with the ability to think independently. However, federal officials quickly impose a ban on the computer when it is let onto the Internet and shuts down hundreds of websites.

Stephen Kendrick (Keith Langsdale), a former MIT professor, was a source code writer for the project but now runs a super-computer at another university. Inspired by a budding relationship with Jane Hurst (Cate Damon), a Yale philosopher who lost her husband to cancer, Kendrick hatches a plan with his colleague Alan Moss (Jim Lobley) to use Kendrick’s own copy of the MIT software with his super-computer. As an FBI investigation closes in, the two scientists secretly dare to ask this colossally intelligent computer the ultimate question: Is there evidence for God and a spiritual framework for life?


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The God Question

This movie asks the question that is on most people’s minds…”Does God really exist?”  Here were a couple of highlights:

  • Love the whole premise of the movie and the question itself.  Anything that causes you to ask the question is a great thing!
  • The friend that helped at first reminded of most typical professed Christians, even though he wasn’t a Christan.  Willing to give it all…up until a point…

Definitely thought provoking, although I would have loved to have seen a true Christian in the film that could have been a witness in the film during all the questioning.

God has proved Himself that He exists a few times in my life, so I know He has to many of you as well.  There is no question at all in my mind that He exists.  The other question a lot of people really struggle with is , “Does He really care about me?”  He proves that to us too, but not in the way that most people understand.

If anyone wants to share how God has proved His existence or love for them personally please leave your comments!


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