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God’s Country ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

God’s Country ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

God’s Country

Meghan Doherty is a young, talented executive who neglects her mother and close friends to focus on one goal MAKING MONEY. After closing a multi-million dollar deal Meghan is asked by Mr. Randolph Whitaker (her boss/CEO) to close a deal of a lifetime. She’s taking her talent to the Mojave Desert in hopes of getting a Christian land owner to turn over his land before auction.

With a 100 million dollar potential deal looming, there is nothing that will stand in the way of her getting what she needs to further her career. Not even GOD? Over a period of 6 days Meghan goes through spiritual transformation (fish out of water) calling on her favorite investor to help save the Land.

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Jenn belongs on Shark Tank, especially her role in this film.  Meghan’s character is the epitome of selfishness and greed, acknowledging only those who can benefit her personally.  Have you ever met someone like this in your life?

My favorite character in this film is Stephanie Barnes who plays Geri.  This film is serious, yet humorous throughout.  My favorite scene was at the breakfast table.

If you loved ‘Power Play‘ like I did,  you’ll LOVE ‘God’s Country‘.


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