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‘God’s Country’ comes to select theaters Friday, March 2nd

‘God’s Country’ ~ Los Angeles real estate agent/developer Meghan Doherty is given the task by her boss, Mr. Whitaker, of securing the title on a large parcel of Mojave Desert. The foreclosed land in question, called God’s Country, is owned by Eden Graham, a minister who runs a youth camp there, along with his wife and son, Jake.
Upon arrival at the camp in her Ferrari and designer clothes, Meghan is clearly not a good fit, but Eden persuades her to stay; he promises to sign over the property to her if, during her weeklong sojourn there at the camp, she is not convinced of the value of what they are doing.

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‘God’s Country’ playing in the following cities starting tomorrow and will continue for at least two weeks:

    • Ocoee, FL (Orlando)

    • Orange Park, FL (Jacksonville)

    • Houston, TX

    • Oklahoma City, OK

    • Olathe, KS (Kansas City)

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‘God’s Country’  Press Release

God’s Country, a small faith-based film, persevered through tragedy when their Producer, John Atterberry, was shot and killed in Hollywood.

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God's Country is dedicated to this extraordinary and devoted man.

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  1. Annelie says
    08 March 12, 8:09am

    Jenn Gotzon – the star of “God’s Country” is doing an interview with CFDb shortly. We’ll post a link to it in this blog once the interview is completed.


  2. 05 May 13, 5:09pm

    My review of God’s Country

    I was obliged to watch this movie because I had just spent two days on a set of a movie I co-wrote (Right To Believe) with the star of God’s Country, Jenn Gotzon. In addition, I was interviewing her on my radio show that afternoon and needed more material to discuss. After shooting each day on Right To Believe, the cast and crew went out for supper, so we all got a chance to get to know Jenn and share in her sweet spirit. It was impossible not to fall in love with her when she invested most of her conversation to build up others and to make sure we were all doing well. Some of the nicest people I have met in the world are Christian actresses. Jenn is definitely at the top of the nice list and deserves all the success she attains. However, despite all of her graciousness, her movie was not going to get a courtesy good review from me. I have to call them as I see them. Fortunately, I liked what I saw, both times, since I watched it again after our interview.

    In this flick, Jenn plays a successful investment banker who receives an assignment that forces her to question whether the financial victories in her life are worth the cost of precluding a life of real love. Her idea of expressing love is to write a big check or buy an expensive present. The mission, should she decide to accept it, is to discover the importance of relationships, especially one with God.

    The acting was very good. Of course, Jenn Gotzon was stellar, but she had lots of help. The rest of the cast, which seemed to be comprised of all Hollywood actors, delivered satisfactory performances, which we should expect from a team coming from the fiercely competitive secular world of acting. Gib Gerard, one of the stars, features a pair of intense eyes, which I discovered through IMDB research that he inherited from his mother, Connie Sellecca. I especially enjoyed the performances of Stephanie Barnes and Michael Toland. I think Stephanie, who was performing in her first feature film, has a bright future. This is the kind of acting that I expect from most Indie Christian films in the near future. God will either enhance and anoint the skill set of those currently acting in Indie films, raise up His children who are not getting the opportunity to act now, or will pull people from the Hollywood ranks to deliver his messages. The days when “Christian films” are noticeably substandard will come to an end as the genre and personnel involved mature, although some people may be reticent to acknowledge that rise to excellence. This movie is a good example of that maturation process.

    Jenn Gotzon’s husband, Chris Armstrong, did an admirable job as the director of his first feature film. The cinematography was excellent. The mountain desert features some wonderful sunrises and sunsets, and the DP of this film captured them both in addition to awesome skies and landscapes. The music is good, but mostly stays in the background, where it should be. The plot certainly was not original, but had some good twists. The story presents a good balance of faith, humor, emotion, stimulating dialogue, and romance. What is there not to like if you’re a believer in a sovereign Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ? If you’re not, this wonderful movie might rub you the wrong way, not because it is not tastefully done, but because some people are offended by the gospel of love no matter how it is presented. If you’re in the ranks of those offended by Jesus, you need to spend some time in God’s Country.

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