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‘GODSPEED’ Documentary ~ CFDb Short Film Review

‘GODSPEED’ Documentary ~ CFDb Short Film Review

Brett Downey

GODSPEED explores the tragic loss of nationally-known 11-year-old motocross racer, Brett Downey, and the redemption that followed…through the eyes of those closest to him.  Runner Up Best Documentary at the 168 International Film Festival 2013.

It’s rare that we do a short film review, especially one 10 minutes long, but this one was an exception because of the topic and hope this film represents.

I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it is to lose a child, but we know God understands and this short documentary about Brett Downey’s family was really inspiring.

We each have a path to choose every day, but it’s especially difficult during the times of loss, even more so, when it’s a child.  The attitude of this family towards God after the accident was powerful.

If you are struggling with your faith or mad at God for some reason…watch this film.  My prayer is that you might choose the same path this family chose.

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