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‘The Gospel Beyond Borders’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Gospel Beyond Borders’ ~ A Cross-Cultural,

Cross-Denominational Film ~

CFDb Movie Review


The Gospel Beyond Borders

This is a Tribute to the Holy Spirit’s Mighty Work in bringing Salvation to all Cultures and Languages.

God has truly blessed us with an amazing cast of interviewees. What makes this documentary unique is that it focuses on what God is doing in countries and cultures different than our own. It is our hope that it will educate and inspire its audience to understand and pray more for brothers and sisters they previously knew little about.

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What an interesting, informative documentary with GREAT cinematography throughout.

Here are some highlights:


  • I never did understand what a Coptic Christian is.  Very interesting interview, some of this segment is above within the interview.
  • Enjoyed the talk about the cross in the Coptic Churches.
  • Persecution still continues in this area, and found it interesting how difficult it is to open a church there.


  • The shocking statistics, especially during the Idi Amin era.
  • Powerful story about the one woman and what she suffered.  Heartbreaking segment and the LOVE and obedience she showed as God convicted her of what to do.  Don’t want to give away any spoilers.


  • Statistics are surprising and wonderful statement about Filipino Culture accepting Jesus easily.


  • Some are serving as missionaries in America.  Wonderful!  We need more missionaries here.
  • If a Muslim is converted to Christianity, it is a HUGE step and sacrifice.  They must be moved out of their area or it would be very dangerous for them.
  • A POWERFUL, touching scene during the segment about the one church location and a religious intolerance incident.
  • Prayer focus there is excellent, they understand about spiritual warfare and even more amazing, that they spend time praying for America.


  • Heart wrenching story at the beginning and terrible about the high murder rate.
  • My heart broke for those drug traffickers who need Jesus so badly in their lives.
  • A fabulous story about the minister and feeding the drug traffickers.  Great segment!

American Indian – Navajo

  • Some history about the Navajo’s and about that horrific event in American history that we wish had never happened.
  • Scary health statistics about those living on the Indian Reservations.
  • Only 5% are Christians.  They really do need our prayers.


  • Even though 18 million Chinese are attending the state sanctioned churches, there are 60-70 million house churches that continue to grow rapidly.  Such encouraging news.

All of the World need our prayers, including those of us here in America.

There was a lot of information contained within this documentary.  My 2 favorite segments were Africa and Indonesia.  My favorite story was the story told by the minister in Mexico.


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