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‘No Greater Love’: The Missions Collection’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘No Greater Love’:
The Missions Collection’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


No Greater Love

A dentist (Richard Denning) and his nurse wife (Evelyn Ankers), who at first opposes her doctor-husband volunteering for mission work in Madagascar, join other Christian professional men and women who have volunteered their services in Africa.

The story ends with a tremendous impact, a heartfelt call to Christian dedication and service to Christ. Denning and Ankers were married in real life and Evelyn Ankers came out of retirement to appear in this film. Photographed in color.



Sneak Preview


Another 30 minute short from this collection of 4 stories on the Missions Collection DVD.  It really brought out the questions to consider before becoming a missionary, as well as the importance of mission work, no matter what needs to be done to be able to go and follow that calling, even just for short term missions.  Here were some highlights:

  • We are saved to serve.
  • We reap what we sow.
  • The real need for Dentists and Doctors and Builders to serve in the mission field, Teachers too.
  • I LOVED the way they taught the people how to do some of the work themselves after the missionaries would leave.
  • The conviction on how influential wives can be over their husbands and how woman can even keep others from following God’s plan because of fear.
  • Missions is definitely hard work, exhausting.
  • Loved seeing how God intervenes in our lives, bringing the right people together for His will to be done.

Why don’t more of us go on mission trips?  Time? Family? our Spouse?  What is holding us back because there is a real need for missionaries to go to other countries and not only share the Gospel but help in practical ways.  If you’ve never been on a mission trip before, I would highly urge you to go, the memories will be there for a lifetime and lives will definitely be touched if you go, mostly your own life…

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