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‘Hangman’s Curse’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Hangman’s Curse’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation



Hangman’s Curse

Frank Peretti’s first movie! Following a series of strange, supernatural events, a family of investigators is summoned to a high school only to discover they cannot destroy what cannot be found. As students are claimed by a mysterious force, Nate and Sarah Springfield and their two teenage children race against time to discover the truth behind Hangman’s Curse.

Sneak Preview

Hangman's Curse couple

Fantastic movie.  Our nephews have seen this film many times because it is THAT good.  Even though this is a movie made for teens/tweens/young adults, Roger & I have seen this film at least 3 times and loved it each time.

My personal favorites are the 2 pictured above.  They did a great job and the message of the film is strong!

This is a funny film at times, seemed a little like ‘Spy Kids‘.  Great musical score too!

Some of my favorites about this film:

  • Any kind of prejudice is STUPID.  That was made clear throughout this film.
  • Full of suspense and intrigue.  Even though we’ve watched it 3x we didn’t remember all the twists and turns which made it wonderful watching it again.
  • Reminded us of “Promised Land” as well.  Loved the idea of the whole family working together.
  • Powerful message against bullying.

Although we HIGHLY recommend this film, note that there are some really intense, scary scenes.  Would NOT recommend this for young children.

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