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‘Harry Potter: A Spirit Conspiracy?’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Harry Potter: A Spirit Conspiracy?’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Harry Potter: A Spirit Conspiracy

The Occult Agenda documentary series is designed to awaken the church and non-believers alike to the spiritual warfare happening in the world today.

Part I focuses on the Harry Potter phenomenon that has swept the world since author J.K. Rowling introduced her best-selling book series. But is Potter-mania merely the result of imaginative writing and clever marketing? Or could there be a hidden power behind the craze that has “cast a spell” on adults and children alike?

Pastor Joe Schimmel has spent nearly 25 years researching cults and the occult from a Biblical perspective. His research has led him to believe that the “seducing spirits” prophesied of in the Bible are today at work preparing the world for the coming of Antichrist. Can Harry Potter be a part of this occult agenda?

Guest speakers include Dave Hunt and Caryl Matrisciana.



Sneak Preview

Harry Potter

The Occult Agenda – Part I – is it innocent fiction or not.  Here were some highlights:

  •  The staggering statistics of the sales results of this series.
  • The eye opening comments about Disney.

Magic & sorcery are portrayed as cool.  What’s even more dangerous is that people are believing there is a difference between good and bad witches when God has condemned it in His Word.  Will we take a stand for the truth of God’s Word or will we stand with the world?

Ephesians 5:11 – And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but, rather, reprove them.

There does need to be a parental warning on this one because there are some disturbing images that pop up from time to time.  They are images that never need to be seen, just talked about.


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