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The Gospel Films Archive Christmas Collection ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Gospel Films Archive
Christmas Collection ~
CFDb Movie Review & Giveaway

 Heavenly Christmas Classics


Heavenly Christmas Classics

  • The Spirit of Christmas is gloriously captured in these inspiring stories of faith, family and friendship.

Silent Night: Story of the Christmas Carol – 13 min – Excellent story about the creation of the famous carol in 1818.

Christmas is Magic – 24 min – Robert Hutton plays a war vet with amnesia who is taken in by widow Frances Rafferty and son on Christmas eve.

Star of Bethlehem – 12 min – Story of the Nativity beautifully narrated from the Gospels and told using the silhouette animation style of Lotte Reiniger.

Three Young Kings – 29 min – In Latin America three young boys carry Christmas gifts to the mission children dressed as the Three Wise Men.  When they ride through the poor section of town, the boys decide to give the presents to the ragged children following them instead, causing a crisis in conscience in the community over the true meaning of giving.

Star of Bethlehem – 26 min – Produced, directed by and starring James Mason.  A heartfelt, inventive and personal telling of the Nativity birth of Jesus story enacted by a cast of children, with James’ daughter Portland Mason as Mary and Jerry Mathers as Joseph.

Starlight Night – 30 min – British – Dramatization of the creation of the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’ by James Mohr and Franz Gruber.  The story centers on a stern father who is estranged from his daughter and grandchild.

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  • Silent Night: Story of the Christmas Carol
    • Very interesting finding out the story about Silent Night.  There is a movie that was made about the story too.
  • Christmas is Magic
    • An oldie, but goodie.  “Happiness has a secret wonder all its own, just like Christmas”.  What a beautiful saying!  A true romantic classic with some real touching moments.
    • The true gift to give is love.
    • What an interesting and unique storyline.
  • Star of Bethlehem (12 min.)
    • A unique way of telling the story of Jesus’ birth using shadow figures in an animated background.
  • Three Young Kings
    • A cute film with 1 really special moment in it and a great ending.  There was one part where a little girl prays to the mother of God which isn’t Biblical.  We are told to pray to the Father only.  I know we sometimes pray to Jesus (because He is the Intercessor), but I don’t believe there is any Scripture evidence to pray to Jesus either, although we can pray in His name.
  • Star of Bethlehem (26 min.)
    • Although the same name, a totally different film from the short film above.  This movie begins with the reading of the entire story of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus and is acted out partially by children.
  • Starlight Night
    • This is a movie all about the story of Silent Night.
    • Love the way people kept their word.  An oath is an oath.  Reminds me of Jesus telling us to let our yea be yea and our nay be nay.  We should say what we mean and if we say we are going to do something, then we should no matter what, even if it hurts.

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And Now the Giveaway – this giveaway is for 3 Gospel Films Archive Collection – These are used – there are 3 of them – Heavenly Christmas Film Classics (6 shorts), The Missions Collection – 4 short films – The Family Films Collection – 4 Short Films.

The Contest ends on December 7, 2014


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  1. 01 December 14, 8:20pm

    This is a wonderful project to recover and restore these old films from early TV and other sources.

  2. Pam says
    04 December 14, 7:45am

    I love seeing what your doing here.Great project!

  3. Christy Walk says
    05 December 14, 1:54pm

    I would love to win this Christmas collection because I would love to share these with my niece, nephew and kids one day.

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