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‘Hell and Mr. Fudge’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Hell and Mr. Fudge’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


Hell and Mr. Fudge

Hell and Mr. Fudge –Based on a true story, Edward Fudge, a young Bible-belt preacher, gets a surprise visit from an eccentric stranger who has a bizarre request. He wants Fudge to investigate Hell.

Son of a respected church leader known for his conservative religious views, Edward is confident that whatever the Bible really teaches is right. Trained in biblical languages and theology, he finds the proposal intriguing. He agrees to take it on, not knowing where it will lead. He dedicates a year of his life to a systematic study of Hell – and his life will never be the same again.

As Fudge immerses himself in research, other aspects of his life begin to crumble. Leaders of his own denomination attack him for suggesting that members of other churches can be saved.

His own congregation – people he loves and serves – fires him after he invites a black man to pray from the podium. The publishing company he has worked for since childhood terminates his employment because he refuses to recant his liberal positions.

He becomes so committed to his research that his relationship with his wife and children begins to suffer. And, most importantly, in the course of his investigation some of his core beliefs about God and judgment and eternity are shaken from their foundations. Ultimately, Fudge emerges as a defender of faith and Scripture, and a champion for God’s love.

Today Edward Fudge is a well-respected author, lecturer, and theologian. The book that resulted from his research, The Fire That Consumes, is a compelling study on the subject of Hell and eternal torment. It stands as a testimony to a man who had the courage to search for truth and to pay the price for what he found.

Sneak Preview

Hell and mr fudge, christian movie film dvd

What to say about this one.  It was NOT what I expected and that is a good thing.  This one was VERY thought provoking and since we had a screener we paused this movie to talk about what was happening throughout the film and that is VERY rare for us!  Here is more of what I liked about this one:

  • The unique style of the film
  • LOVED the response of the dean in regards to Edward Fudge and the accusations against him.  VERY Biblical and Christ-like.
  • Liked the key to learning the planets (just a short part and if you blink you’ll miss it)
  • How quickly Edward handled tough situations and how easily he forgave others.  (A command from Jesus we sometimes forget!)
  • Edward was SO eager to learn, even from a child.

Most of all, I loved the statement made at least 2 times during the film, “If the Bible teaches it, it’s the truth”…even if the whole world is against it.

No matter what we are taught as children, that doesn’t make it true…ONLY the BIBLE makes it true.  Tradition is NOT truth.  This film really makes you seek the Word for truth.  I have to admit that when I began reading my Bible all the way through, over and over again, little by little, I realized a lot of what I learned as a child wasn’t in the Bible.

My goal is to seek and search out truth from the Word of God and follow it.  As Jesus is the Word,  it only draws us closer to Him when we read and follow His Word.

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  1. Steph Burlew says
    14 November 13, 9:41pm

    This movie is worth purchasing. I got my copy today. I can watch this over and over again

  2. Brenda O'Bryant says
    19 November 13, 11:24pm

    I love this movie, the scripture is there that proves that God loves us, truly loves us. The facts in this movie changed my life Now I can love God back

  3. Thomas M. says
    20 November 13, 12:57am

    I received the DVD yesterday, 19 Nov. 2013.
    Probably the first (and only?) DVD shipped to Switzerland.
    Great movie!
    My Christian faith system keeps collapsing.

  4. Estera says
    20 November 13, 8:39am

    I concur with the statement above. I don’t know what is about this movie, but it makes you want to see it again and again. Already seen it twice the day we bought it! 🙂 Very well done and thought provoking. Love the debates. Easy to follow. And most important of all – I agree with the conclusion! So inline with the true character of God!

  5. Jeff Z says
    01 December 13, 12:35pm

    So glad this is now in movie form and available for sale. I have seen this earlier and have been waiting for it to become available for sale. Great true story, great movie, very well done. Praise the Lord.

  6. Beverly says
    06 March 14, 1:38pm

    I’m from the same hometown as Edward Fudge, and I greatly admire his work and appreciate his sincere heart and love for God and truth. I’ve been listening to Brother Fudge on various podcasts, like Rethinking Hell and Theopologetica, and plan to read his books. His work has truly opened my eyes and heart in many ways. I am truly looking forward to seeing this movie! Thank you for this giveaway. I would love to win this DVD.

  7. Claire says
    06 March 14, 2:18pm

    my nephew would love it.

  8. 06 March 14, 3:28pm

    Hell and Mr. Fudge is a great watch and an inspiring story, we hope to share Hell and Mr. Fudge soon. Bedias Christian Film Festival.

  9. 07 March 14, 10:12am

    Edward Fudge’s works have been a great help to me. I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

  10. DennisM says
    07 March 14, 4:56pm

    The movie is a gem! I expected something more doctrinal, was very pleased to find the emphasis placed solidly on the loving nature of God.

  11. Bill Bass says
    07 March 14, 7:28pm

    I was fortunate to see one of the first showing so the film of Bro Edward Fudge and Christain beliefs. Bro Fudge a long time Resident in Athens/ Limestone County but resided in Texas in the past years broght the Film to Athens for one of the early showing @ the local Theater. The filming location for the most part is in Athens/Limestone County, AL with many of the film features having my wife’s brother, Dickey Hobbs and his family and other family members as participants in the film. The farm scenes are on on Dickey farm in Elkmont, AL with the church scenes featuring the Elkmont Methodist Church with many of Dickey’s immediate family being in the film as well as many others participating in the church scenes. Dickey, grand daughter, daughter of Jesse and Amamda Curtis Hobbs, played one of the early children of Bro Fudge. Joey Curtis, a local businesman, father of, Amanda Curtis Hobbs was a friend of Edward Fudge in their early school days here in Athens, AL and have remained friends over the years. The film is well done, depicts the struggles of a young christian preacher and his Christian beliefs. It is definitely worth a watch.

  12. Kathy Schallert says
    07 March 14, 10:31pm

    I am so looking forward to seeing this film!

  13. 08 March 14, 10:51am

    Looking forward to this film! Sounds like a good one!

  14. 08 March 14, 4:07pm

    Can’t hardly wait! Yes, this is the obligatory post to qualify for the contest I may not win….

  15. 10 March 14, 12:22pm

    I’d love to win this for my husband! He would really enjoy it. 🙂

  16. Cassandra Wilcox says
    10 March 14, 4:10pm

    I’m always interested in Christian movies and the reviews from those who have seen it makes me want to get it!

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