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‘Hero’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Hero’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation



The passion and vision of one man’s broken relationship with his own son fills him with the determination to give the young boys in his town hope and confidence.

He seeks to accomplish this by forming a baseball team deliberately designed to involve both fathers and sons in a common effort. Unbeknownst to him, his actions will also bless and bring a new meaning in life to the father of one of the boys, a man serving a life sentence in the local penitentiary.

The prison community and the town as a whole are powerfully changed as fathers reunite with their sons and realize their own ability to be One Good Man. As fathers grow in their relationship with their sons, they learn that God the Father seeks the same close relationship with them.

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Hero main

Although I’m not normally a fan of any sports movie, LOVED this one and am highly recommending it, especially for fathers.  Here are some highlights:

  • The statement made during the film asking, “Where are all the dads”?  When he said those words I began to cry because I finally understood how desperate our family situation really is.
  • There is only 1 way to become good at what you do or to become an expert…PRACTICE.  (This brought me encouragement with the path to victory.  As an infant we don’t start running, we start by stumbling and falling down.  Looking back over my Christian walk I see how God has been changing me, little by little.)
  • Another time led me to tears experiencing the pain along with the wife and child of the man who was in prison.
  • I’ve admitted in the past that I don’t understand sports very well.  It’s just not something I have any interest in, BUT this movie allowed me to really see how important sports can be for a father/son relationship.
  • The truth about honoring our parents, what does it truly mean.
  • Very nice touch at the end.

Once you get to really know the characters this becomes a really powerful film.  It is well worth your time! It’s a movie you’ll want to watch and then tell others to watch it too.  This one can change a life.

HeroR Keith Harris

R Keith Harris, who played Winston was fabulous in this film.  The prison idea was incredible.  I wish all prisons would implement this idea.  I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to watch this movie.



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  1. 30 October 14, 6:25pm

    Annelie, thank you for this insightful review, this film had not really caught my attention until you shared it with us.

  2. Elle Waddell says
    05 November 14, 12:41am

    Great REVIEW! I purchased two copies! This movie is funny, heartwarming, and sure to be a movie that will make an impact on relationships. Loved it!

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