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‘Hollywood Unmasked’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Hollywood Unmasked’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Hollywood UnmaskedHollywood Unmasked

Is it possible that the most popular actors and actressses of the 20th and 21st centuries have been, and are, being possessed by demons? Listen to the confessions of the Hollywood elite as they describe how they are truly energized by demonic spirits for their performances.

Journey with us again as we pull back the curtain even further on the most powerful mind-shaping institution in the world. Hollywood Unmasked 2 will reveal more hidden truths that were unknown to the average viewer… until now.

Presented by Dr. Jason D. Kovar, this video will never allow you to look at casual entertainment the same way again.


Sneak Preview

 Jason Kovar

Hollywood has declared war on God but it’s been masked with an ancient lie.  This documentary really shows how violence has impacted our society and it is mostly because of Hollywood’s influence.  Here are some highlights:

  • We are being hustled, like the Romans, and unfortunately Christians are falling for it as well.
  • We are being desensitized to violence, especially our youth.  (I can even recall myself making a statement several times over the last year saying violence didn’t bother me or affect me that much)
  • Modern day gladiators can be found in our professional wrestlers.
  • Some scary quotes from the actors themselves, even some outright attacks against God or Christianity. Such hatred and hostility against what?  A God that loves them and died for them.  So very sad and leads me to want to pray even more for all those in the film industry.
  • Proverbs22:24, 25 – Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go:  Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.  Just thinking about this verse alone shows you how dangerous anger and violence can be for ourselves.  When we hang around with angry people, we tend to become angry as well.  It is rare that it works the other way around.  Something to remember.

Although this was a fantastic informational source, the only drawback are the images that are shown throughout the film as examples of what’s going on, as well as some music that is disturbing.  I am HIGHLY sensitive to images and sounds so for me that was hard to handle and we put a strong parental warning on this as a result.

It’s interesting because I made the statement above about violence not bothering me so much, but after watching another documentary entitled, ‘Captivated‘,  I am in the middle of taking a challenge of not watching any junk TV at all.  I’ve noticed that now I’m super sensitive to any bad images, even the ones that didn’t bother me before.

If you are like me and highly sensitive you can listen to the documentary without watching the actual images.  It’s an important topic and really enlightening.


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