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‘The Home Coming’ ~ CFDb Movie Review, Recommendation & Giveaway

‘The Home Coming’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


The Home Coming

Peer pressure …. the need to belong …. choices. Jordy Rembrandt is a big city tough guy with an attitude and a history of bad decisions. When he’s sent to a small town high school to complete his senior year, he discovers fitting in takes on a whole new meaning. Like any of us faced with peer pressure requiring choices, Jordy yearns for acceptance…. in spite of his rough exterior.

But it isn’t until he’s faced with the love of Christ that he begins to understand the meaning of true acceptance. THE HOME COMING a dramatic movie from World Wide Pictures, the film ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association speaks to everyone who’s had to struggle with peer pressure, belonging and making the right choices … in other words, all of us. Bonus feature: The Homecoming Behind the scenes; an extensive, behind the scenes look into the making of this humorous, yet touching film about peer pressure.

Sneak Preview

the home coming screen shot

What a GREAT evangelistic Teen film.  From beginning to end, action packed, this film keeps you intrigued, while teaching great lessons throughout, especially about leadership and peer pressure and how difficult it is to be a Christian amongst non-believers.

My 2 favorite characters in this film are pictured above.  I especially love her resolve to keep her commitment to Jesus no matter what her feelings.

We HIGHLY recommend this film for the youth.  It’s a funny film, but great moments of thought provoking scenes and a call to Jesus from Billy Graham himself.


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  1. everyframecaptive says
    25 December 13, 7:18pm

    Great to see the WWP and BGEA churn out another film!

  2. Annelie says
    26 December 13, 8:47am

    This one isn’t a new film, but a great one!


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