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‘Home Front’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Home Front’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Home Front

Home Front – Three soldiers become unlikely friends after falling into enemy hands in this emotional drama that takes a very different look at war. One by one, Pvt. Aaron Phillips, Lt. Steven Hill, and Sgt. Bryan Monroe are taken hostage. Strangers to one another, each man has his own story and different levels of military experience. While Pvt. Phillips is on his first tour of duty, Lt. Hill has returned to active duty from the reserves, and Sgt. Monroe is on his fourth and final tour.

Trapped in a small and dank prison cell, the soldiers swap stories of their last memories of home, but time is running out, and all of their lives are hanging in the balance.


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Home Front

This film really made me think about all those that are in the military and how they are really fighting for the people at home, especially their families.  This brings me back to all the movies that show how lonely some of the military people are and how important it is to reach out to those that don’t have family, to make that effort to write a servicemen…give them a reason for hope.

There were a couple of things that were brought out in this film that I liked:

  • Everyone wants their freedom, but few are willing to fight for it.  (Why is it that a lot of people take our military for granted, even disrespecting them, when if it weren’t for our military, we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we enjoy now.)
  • God never leads us in a wrong direction…(but a lot of times we choose the wrong direction or make the wrong decision.  God then has mercy on us and shows us the right direction to take.)

Take a moment now to say a prayer for all those that are fighting for our freedom.

Heavenly Father,

We come before You right now asking that You would protect those that are fighting for our freedom.  We ask that You would wrap Your loving arms around each one of them and reveal Yourself to them and let them know that Jesus died for their sins and that You desire eternal life for them.  Give them many chances Lord to find You and bring them back safely to their families.

We pray that You would end this war and bring about peace and reveal Yourself to those they are fighting against as well.  Turn our enemies into brothers and sisters for Christ for we pray and ask these things in Jesus’ name…amen


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