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‘Hope Bridge’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Hope Bridge’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Hope Bridge

After a high school boy learns that his father committed suicide, he begins a journey to find hope and reconciliation in the midst of his grief.


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Where there is hope, there is life.  That is what this entire movie is about…finding hope.  Here were some highlights:

  • Face the pain and let it go.  Don’t underestimate the powerful healing power of the grieving process.
  • Sometimes you’ll never know why.
  • Generational curses can be broken.  Jesus is the key.  He is the One that truly brings us hope and peace and healing.
  • The pain shown by the family left behind not understanding why the suicide happened.
  • Great ending.

I’m glad they showed in this film the suicide survivor’s group.  I was unaware there was such a support group available, but anyone who has experienced a loved one or friend that committed suicide should have someone else to share with that truly understands what they are going through.

Every person truly does matter and is loved by God.  There is a purpose for every person every born.  Always remember that today and its pain will pass and tomorrow may be the best day yet.  Keep hoping and believing.  If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, please call this number – 1 800 273 – 8255.  God cares and other people care too!

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