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‘The Investigator’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘The Investigator’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation


The Investigator

Sergeant James Buanacore is about to start the most important investigation of his life.

James is approaching 20 years on the force, when a drug bust goes tragically bad. The death of the apparent suspect, an innocent bystander, leads to James being forced out of the job he loves and into early retirement.

Soon after, James’ wife Stephanie experiences a late term miscarriage. James is devastated, and once a God fearing religious man, he begins to wonder and question his faith. Depression and anger sets in and not even a job offer from Paul, his movie star brother, can get him off the couch.

Then, through a friend, Paul sets James up with an interview for a job at a local Christian High School as a part time criminal justice teacher and baseball coach. This interests James, and he accepts.

James brings his cop like mentality to the job, which doesn’t sit right with some of the students. James struggles as he’s faced with rebellious students, an unsupportive principal, and a youth pastor who is hiding something. He even considers quitting, until a challenge from one of his students leads him to start an investigation that will change his life – and his student’s lives, forever.

“The Investigator,” is based on the true-life story of comedian Ray Romano’s brother Rich.  Read more!


Sneak Preview

Investigator screenshot

As is often the case, I didn’t have any idea what this movie was about and WOW, what a treat!  Here were some highlights:

  • Inspired by true events – always love when a movie is based on a true events.  It’s funny because I forgot who the famous actor was while watching the movie and then was reminded afterwards that it is Ray Romano who is the famous brother.
  • Bad things happen to us all, some that we just can’t explain.  This leads a lot of people to question God’s existence, or to stop serving Him.  Not sure why Christians think they are immune to pain and suffering when we live in this world of sin and there are countless examples of true Christians who suffered terrible tortures for their faith.  Jesus suffered more than all of us.  Why should we expect no suffering when our perfect Example suffered to much?
  • Amazing Facts about Jesus’s miracles and resurrection given in this film, and from secular sources.  Enlightening and encouraging.
  • The main character’s attitude towards the children.  He was tough, but genuinely cared for each of them.
  • We need to all investigate the matter of Jesus for ourselves.  We can’t get to Heaven on our parent’s or our spouse’s faith.  We need to know what we believe and the best way to do that is by studying His Word.  There have been a LOT of people that found Jesus by trying to disprove the truths of the Bible.
  • Loved watching the students change their attitudes as well.  What a difference a person can make if they will just stand strong for what they believe in, all the while showing genuine love and care for others.

This is a movie for everyone to watch, especially those that are questioning Who Jesus is.  This is a movie I would show my saved and unsaved friends.  Don’t miss this most excellent film that did a great job in glorifying God.  We want to see more movies like this.


Although I couldn’t find out the names of these boys, they all did an excellent job in this film and would love to see them in more faith based films.

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