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“Invisible Enemies” ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review

Invisible Enemies

Suddenly after finding a pair of glasses a student becomes aware of the spiritual world that is always around us. Jackson, who finds a pair of glasses that allows him to see the spiritual world. Through the glasses he discovers how the lives of his friends are influenced toward evil by unseen enemies.

Jackson tries to convince his friends that life isn’t neutral and that there are unseen realities that are affecting their lives. They think it’s absurd. Cindy, Jackson’s blind friend, recognized that there are many things that are real that can’t be seen. Jackson, in the end, rescues his sister from near disaster by utilizing the power of Jesus Christ.


Sneak Preview

invisible enemies

WOW, what a film!  This picture above looks like the girl from the movie in a particular scene but it’s not.  If you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean.

This is one you do NOT want to miss!  Fantastic in every way.  This brings out quite a few different topics but mostly this is about demons and how subtle they are in our every day lives, as well as how powerful they are when challenged.  I loved everything about this movie.  It makes you think about your decisions in life and how there might be evil angels behind it.

I remember a very long time ago I experienced something eery about evil angels.  I was in an argument with a particular individual and the perfect retort popped into my mind.  I knew it was wrong to say so I fought the temptation to say it and I kept my mouth shut instead.  A few seconds later this individual said exactly what I was going to say.  It was at that moment I could actually picture an evil angel going from me to that person and whispering the same thing only this person said it when I chose otherwise.  Something to seriously think about.

This movie is a real thriller and some great messages in it.  A powerful Christian film!  It may be a little too intense for younger children.

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