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‘It Has Begun’ – CFDb Movie Review

‘It Has Begun’ – CFDb Movie Review


It Has Begun, Christian movie, Christian Film, DVDIt Has Begun

It Has Begun is an unconventional yet inspirational independent docufilm that provides evidence to dispel longtime popular myths and beliefs of facts about the Bible, religion and GOD. These topics crucial to faith and spirituality address numerous misconceptions that have discouraged individuals from developing a relationship with GOD.

By using scientific, historical and religious accounts; ‘It Has Begun’ conveys the answers for knowledge and understanding of the current state of our world. The actions and attitudes of people today are almost surely contributing to our world’s demise. Are we paying attention? Is it a sign of the times? Has it begun?


Sneak PreviewIt Has Begun, christian film, christian movie

I really liked the way this documentary pulled all the different newscast events from all over the world and brought them together in one place.  This was an overwhelmingly powerful documentary and it caused me to realize how many things are actually taking place and close to the same time.

This film pulls at your heart strings and makes you stop and wonder if Jesus’ return is nearer than we think.  It’s a wake up call, especially for Christians to GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!  There is a world to win!

I cried a lot through different parts of this film.  The devil is definitely out to steal, kill and destroy.

This subject could be really disturbing to children and there 1 light cuss word that someone says in a clip that is a home video so there is a parental warning on this one for these reasons.

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